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Webinar production


Talk-shows, seminars, AGMs, training courses.
Capture your event and broadcast it live or on-demand.

Why record your event, conference or webinar in our studio?

Firstly, the production quality is far superior to that of a webinar recorded at home or in an office. The studio offers professional lighting, quality microphones and optimal acoustics for the best sound quality.

Its advantages lie in the fact that it can be widely distributed, at low cost and easily accessible to its audiences, wherever they may be.

A way of sharing information and interacting with your contacts, whether they are prospects, customers, staff, students, etc.
Or even to maintain contact with them by setting up regular meetings.

Webinar production:
On-demand or
live streaming?

Our webinar production offer is based on help with running your Webinar – a manual for organising and staging your Webinar.
Professional tips and tricks and a checklist are provided free of charge.

It is based on simple but subtle decorum, enhancing the atmosphere and ambience of your venue.

It uses professional technical resources to mix different sources to make your Webinars as varied and explicit as possible.
Images of speakers in the studio, Powerpoint, video sequences, computer graphics, external contributions, mini credits, etc.

This offer is made possible in such a competitive way thanks to a “standard” approach and our organisation in this dedicated studio, fully equipped and managed by a perfectly trained team.

studio OC - solution de tournage - tournage de présentation video - keynote shooting
webinar live streaming or vod video production studio oc bruxelles
studio OC - solution de tournage - tournage de présentation video - keynote shooting
studio de tournage full équipé prêt à tourner
Production de webinaire - studio OC à Bruxelles - Brussels studio - webinar production
Production de contenus vidéos de tous types

Need a bespoke service?  

Do you need a tailor-made package, including filming or photo shoot?

As the studio OC is part of the Orange Clignotant creative agency, it’s entirely possible to go beyond the limits offered by these basic packages.

Whether it’s a commercial, snack & social content, promotional content, marketing videos or music videos*, our agency will offer you a tailor-made service, adapted to your needs, respecting your DNA and serving your objectives.

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